Titus is saying more words these days.

‘Star’ is probably the only word he pronounces most accurately so far. He knows what star means and will say the word aloud – only when he’s feeling chatty – as he picks up star-shaped toys or points out the tattoo on my left arm.

On Tuesday morning, while watching one of his favourite episodes of Hi5, he uttered “nana” just as an actress in a monkey suit reached for a bunch of bananas on a fake tree.

That same morning he also looked up when an actor in the same episode sang out, “Look at the birds!”. Titus has watched this episode so many times that he knew what was coming.

This evening, he repeated the word ‘nice’ after me when I gave him his first taste of chilled water chestnut tea.

“Is it nice?” I asked as he sipped. He laughed aloud and flapped his arms as he always does when he’s delighted. And he said “nai’ before leaning in again for another sip.

He went on saying “nai” every time he came back to me for more chilled water chestnut tea.

LOL! I hope he doesn’t think the drink is called “nai”.

And later, as I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, I heard Titus said softly, “Star.”

I turned around to see Titus sprawled on the floor, staring at a corner of three kitchen’s glass door. Awesome Husband bent over to see what caught the baby’s attention and then exclaimed proudly, “Oh wow, there really is a star! A tiny logo with a star in it!”

Our precious little man, growing up so fast and becoming increasingly aware of things around him. šŸ’œ

But he still refuses to call out “mummy” or “daddy”.


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