The other kind of bedtime routine

These days Titus does a whole lot of funny things when he’s lying in bed next to me.

He likes pulling the blanket over my legs, patting it flat and then laying down over it.

And some times, he pulls two blankets over my legs. Thank goodness the room is air-conditioned.

He also likes sticking his tiny index finger into my ear, then into my nostril, and finally into my mouth. Eww, I know. Please know that I always try my mightiest to avoid letting his inquisitive finger get into my ears, nostrils and mouth. Somehow, that finger manages to achieve the filthy tasks it set out to do every bedtime because if I resist too hard, that little finger will break. đŸ˜¦

A mother’s love is making me eat my dirt. Eww again.

Splatter his saliva noisily by blowing out his lips has been his latest form of self-entertainment. And he enjoys doing that while pressing his cute little nose against mine. Which means I get a face wash every time he decides to cosy up with me.

I love this little chap.


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