One precious day

Having to travel frequently for work means every moment I get to spend with Titus is a precious moment.

And this is most apparent today, the one single day I’ve got to spend with Titus and Awesome Husband between two work trips.

I spent the past whole week in Shanghai for work, returning late Friday night. I’m due to depart again tomorrow early morning for Hong Kong.

While I was exhausted from the Shanghai trip, during which I slept poorly every night due to a bed that did no good for my back and neck, I couldn’t afford to waste the day sleeping in.

I jumped right out of bed the moment Titus stirred awake at 6.22am. I made him a bottle of milk and crept into his room.

He sat upright, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He didn’t see me until I approached his cot and whispered, “Good morning, darling. Mummy’s back.”

He stared siently into my face with his doll-like eyes. Usually he’d wail for his milk or for me to get him out of his cot. He was silent this morning.

I picked him up and cuddled him for a while. He spent that time studying my face with his mouth agape and his eyes twinkling, and then laying his little head on my chest. He repeated that several times. It’s funny to say this, but his joy was rather elegant.

He drank his milk while I lay quietly next to him, stroking his cheeks. And when he was done, he turned to me and carried on staring into my face with his wide, infectious smile.

I do think Titus was aware I had been away and was appreciating my return.

When the sun came up,  we played together in the living room and many times he walked up to me with his arms outstretched for a hug.

Then when it was time for his usual morning nap at 10am, I brought him to his room and lay in bed with him again. He played with my ears and nose as he always does, flipped and flopped around the bed and all over me, and finally fell asleep facing me and with his tiny hands wrapped around my fingers.

My heart could explode with love and joy for this little man.

We spent a few hours in the afternoon outdoors and the rest of the day back home playing. Titus loves playing with us and it is the best way to enjoy his company.


The day flew right by and soon it was time to put him to bed. I whispered apologies to him, about having to leave his side again for days. I told him I love him. I wonder if he understood me.

I let him pinch my ears and nose again, and squish his little self against me even though I gave him as much space as possible on the day bed. I let him loll about at my feet and run his hands up and down my legs (I suspect he finds my prickly stubble interesting LOL!).

And all too soon, he was fast asleep.

I love you Titus. I wish I could bring you everywhere I had to go for work.


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