Happy birthday to me

I’m spending my birthday in Shanghai, away from my family.

But my team has made sure I feel the love still, by throwing me a second birthday surprise.

The first was in office last Friday, when they tried to take me out to lunch at a new place. But the receptionist accidently spilled the beans, spoiling the surprise. I didn’t mind, of course, but my team was.

So, perhaps to make up for it, they bought me a cake today and burst into the press room with a hearty birthday song.

Unfortunately, I was on the phone with a reporter, discussing a news angle on a crackling line. They had to stop singing and be absolutely quiet until the call was over.

Hilarious for me, but you could see disappointment written all over their faces. LOL!

A second fail.


I love this team SO much!

Meanwhile, trade friends have sent me flowers both back in Singapore  (they didn’t know I was away) and in Shanghai. So much love!




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