Colourful meditation

When I was in preschool, I used to sit out of group playtime, choosing instead to be alone in a corner and colour the same outline drawing of a nurse provided by the teacher.

It brought me such joy.

Yesterday I got a taste of that familiar happiness when Awesome Husband broke out a new adult colouring book he bought along with a new box of colouring pencils.


It. Was. Addictive.

Last night after putting Titus to bed, I spent an hour filling in vibrant colours across two pages of the book. I stopped only because of a sense of motherly responsibility: somebody (me) has to wake up alert the next morning when baby does.

The first thing that came to mind when I woke this morning, besides the need to feed baby, was to go buy me a larger box of colouring pencils which offers more shades to play with as well as some glitter or neon markers so I can add texture and dimension to my pages.

Awesome Husband agreed. He too was addicted.

We did exactly that today and came home with two three boxes of new colouring pencils and a kit of bright fine-tipped markers.

I was so eager to break out my new toys once I got home, and it was selfless love that made the Awesome Husband take over childcare and housekeeping duties this afternoon so I could have some fun.

Why, am such a lucky girl!


Focusing on filling in the pages takes my mind off work and other nagging worries. It is just like meditation but at the end of the session, I get a pretty masterpiece to admire.

I’m bringing the colouring book and pencils on my work trip to Shanghai tomorrow. I’m sure they will come in handy in the nights when I’m too nervous to sleep. šŸ˜„


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