Japan, a food paradise for baby

I knew from the beginning that it will be easy to feed Titus in Japan, especially since he is already 13 months old and can eat a large variety of food.

As a Chinese boy, his usual meal consists of rice porridge with meat or fish and a variety of vegetables. It isn’t too different in Japan.

His first meal in Japan was breakfast, and it was had at our hotel in Ginza. I love breakfast spreads at reputable local brands. The selection is largely traditional comfort foods like rice, rice porridge, miso soup, grilled fish, tamagoyaki, cold tofu, meat and vegetable stew and other cold side dishes.

They all worked for Titus. I mixed rice porridge with miso soup and popped in crushed bits of tofu, soft root vegetables from the stew, tamagoyaki and some meat. Titus loved it.

I also stocked up on onigiri (rice balls), soft plain buns and packet milk or juice (you might even find options for kids) from the convenience store which I gave him as mid-day snacks or part of his main meal. And whenever we passed a supermarket, we would hop in to grab fresh fruits or avocado (they are much cheaper there than in Singapore, just 100 yen each or a little more than S$1).


Just in case we were ever stranded somewhere with nothing to eat (you never know!), my bag always contained Kewpie ready-to-eat food packs. The flavours are subtle and more familiar with Asian tastebuds.

At restaurants, Titus got a bowl of soupy udon or I put something together for him from my bento set. As long as there is rice, miso soup and tofu or eggs, Titus is one happy baby.

It is so easy to feed a toddler in Japan. Just make sure you pack a pair of scissors or noodle cutter on the trip.

Titus ate so well on this trip that he put on weight and shuns my humble rice and fish porridge back home now!


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