Something else to read about

I love the rush of discovering new places and have been incredibly fortunate to be able to travel quite frequently in my job.

I had compiled a decent collection of travel tales on an earlier blog called, Don’t Stare At The Ceiling, which I’ve unfortunately lost access to.

I blame my foggy pregnancy brain. One lesson: never change URLs and account details while preggers and if you have to, jot passwords and PINs down someplace obvious.

I cannot even recall the user email I used for this blog, much less the password. Quite screwed. I don’t remember enough details to even ask WordPress for help. šŸ˜¦

I’ve given up trying to access it, and will just have to post my future travel tales on this blog instead, which is supposed to be all about me trying to be a decent mum to an awesome boy.

Oh well. One has to be adaptable eh?


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