Counting down to Japan

We have been awfully busy the past weeks.

With a Spring trip to Japan coming up in two days’ time, I’ve been working at high speed to close three major projects at work (ahead of deadline, of course) so I could play in peace plus shop and pack what’s needed for cold weather.

I’ve got my cold wear wardrobe ready, of course, since I’ve had to travel often to colder climates. But this will be baby Titus’ first trip to somewhere not tropical. 🙂

As an excited mummy, I’ve actually started shopping for his cold wear way ahead. There aren’t many lovely options in Singapore, so I bought all his clothes online from Carter’s and OshKosh B’Gosh. Whoever said there aren’t many clothes to buy for boys was lying!


I bought him a couple of long-sleeved body suits, flannel shirts, vests, jackets, jersey-lined jeans, quilted pants and even a snow suit. And I bought them in size 18-months, thinking he’d grow some more between January and March.

Well, I was wrong.

The bottoms and snow suit were still enormous when I got them out for baby to try on Friday.

So I made a mad dash to H&M on Saturday to see if I could get something from the winter clearance sale. There weren’t much to buy and there were no jersey-lined pants.

The Awesome Husband then suggested making time to go shopping in Tokyo, before we head up to the ski resorts in Yuzawa. There must be plenty to buy since it is still cold now in the country and its people will need these stuff. Banzai!

Anyway, this is what I managed to pull together on Sunday afternoon.


These are just a third of what Titus will need. Excluded so far: his snow suit, diapers (oh gosh they will take up a chunk of luggage space and I don’t want to risk buying them in Japan because I’ve read how elusive they are in stores!), toys, favourite pillows and bolsters, blanket and stroller accessories.

It is tough balancing what’s needed and what’s wanted!

I’d love to bring more outfits for myself but that would mean having to juggle two large suitcases, a baby day bag, a stroller and – the most important – the baby himself while manoeuvring Japan’s complex train system.

Baby gets priority. 🙂

Packing continues tonight.


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