For the sake of better things

Oh look how he has grown!


I missed his gummy smiles when his first tooth peeked out from his bottom gums at his 8th month, but it meant he was ready for solids and oh what a culinary adventure he’s been on!

I missed cuddling him endlessly when he started to learn how to crawl and no longer wanted to be held all day, but wow, crawling taught him independence and how inquisitive he was about everything around him.

I missed the excited slaps of his palms as he crawled around the house in search of me when he finally fell in love with walking, but hello to more fun in the playground now that he can explore on his own two feet!

I can’t bear it when he grows up and stops doing the things he used to as a baby, but grow up he must and I just gotta learn to let go and look forward.


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