Happy Monkey Year!

The Chinese zodiac cycle has returned to the Monkey and it is my year ((and Awesome Husband’s too) once again!

We celebrated the Year of the Monkey with little Titus – his second Chinese New Year with us. Yay!


Somehow this CNY feels muted. We went visiting only on the first day, and then hung out at Joshua’s family home on the second day.

We did, however, drive into Malaysia on Saturday to visit his aged granny. It was Titus’ first time with his great grandma. She’s just past 90, bless that great gal!

I think it is a splendid thing to have one’s great grandparent still around. I never had the pleasure of meeting my greats.

Anyway, the road trip was also Titus’ first, and he did excellently! We got him his favourite High 5 and Mary Poppins videos on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as two new colourful hardboard books. Those kept him sufficiently entertained, and he even took his naps on time at 10am and later at 3pm on the way home!

I’m such a lucky mummy!

En route to granny’s house in Batu Pahat, we stopped for a break at Muar and had some fun at an empty playground. Titus walked SO MUCH! I suspect he chose to walk instead of crawl because the foam ground was too prickly. I found him rubbing his kneecaps after a few seconds on his fours. Poor chap, but yay that got him walking!

Play time lasted only 10 minutes or so because the sun was scorching, and then we continued our journey.

That was all we did this Chinese New Year. Not many outings, but we had glorious fun spending time together at home. And that, I think, is more important than anything else. 🙂


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