At 14 months and 10 days along, Titus started echoing some of the things I  said today.

I noticed how he said “jeh ji” early this morning when I asked him “where’s daddy?”

Later that afternoon when his daddy walked out of grandma’s (we drove into Batu Pahat to visit her today),  Titus pointed at the door ang uttered very clearly, “Dadi!

He said those words only once though, and I cannot be sure if he knew what he was saying.

However, back home this evening, he repeated after me many times when I showed him his Duplo cars.

“Car car”, I said.

He replied, “Ah ah”.

Elated, I repeated, “Car car!”

And so did he.

Awesome kid has started to echo after me!

Can’t wait to hear him explore more words.


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