At 14 months now, Titus is increasingly aware of his surroundings and the things being said to him, although he is still refusing to utter a single real word.

Yup. Not even mama or dada.

These days, he knows to raise both arms when I tell him “let’s take off your shirt”. He crawls into the bathroom when I announce it is “pom pom time!”.

He lies flat on the play mat when I say it is time for bed, and then crawls into his bedroom. Sometimes, I need not even announce his bedtime; he takes one look at his milk bottle in my hand and then crawls into his bedroom. 😊

Titus is such an awesome boy!

To make us even happier, he has been walking unassisted more frequently the past week. We finally realised that the soft play mat is a deterrent to his unassisted walking. After removing it from the living room and giving baby more tiled floor to explore, he’s been on a roll!

Urgh, if only we knew earlier!

Aaaaand I’m still holding my breath for him to call me for the very first time.


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