Three steps

“Come quick! Your son is walking!”

My husband shouted as he ran into our bedroom excitedly. I was still lazing in bed, half drowsy with sleep, at 8.50am on a Monday morning.

But his shout sprung my onto my feet and we both dashed out to the living room.

My dad was beaming with pride while a curious Titus looked on at us, no doubt wondering what he had done to elicit such ecstasy in us old folks.

Right away my dad pulled Titus back onto his feet, in a standing position. He himself took a few steps away, and then waved his iPhone as a bait for baby to step forward.

Titus did. He took three sturdy steps towards my dad, his hand reaching out for the iPhone.

We cheered! We danced! We hugged baby nonstop and kissed him endlessly!

Then we baited him again with the iPhone. And he took another three steps towards us, this time a little grudgingly.

And then we realised we didn’t take a video of this historical milestone.

I sat on the sofa and waved his favourite Little Monkey story book as bait. “Come to mummy, darling! I’ll read you a book!” I called out to him as the husband stood baby a few steps away from me.

Baby took one wobbly step forward – probably exhausted from all the performance he was made to do – and then lunged at my knees. He close our gap with one hand on me.


Ah well. We’ve seen enough in one morning to make us happy for the whole day.

Awesome Titus! In no time at all, you’ll be running here, there and everywhere!

Just in time for our ski hols in Japan this March!


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