Japan feels closer now!

Before Titus came along we would spend at least two glorious weeks in Japan, exploring its seasonal flavours, rich scenery and serene countryside.

Well, after Titus came along, the idea of trekking through Japan’s laid back areas and hanging out all night at izakayas seems impossible.

Moreover, how will baby survive a six-hour flight? He was already fidgety on the two-hour flight to Bali. What if he refused to sleep, eat and stay quiet?

Oh, so many concerns!

But we miss Japan sorely.

So finally, enough of worrying. Awesome Husband and I decided to just bite the bullet and make our travel plans to Japan this coming spring.


There’s nowhere in Japan we won’t go, so we let the best timing on Singapore Airlines lead us.

Afternoon flights are least disruptive for our little fusspot who wakes up at the tiniest noise. We found 2-plus flight that would land us in Tokyo at 9-plus. Perfect.

We will travel within Tokyo and head out to Nagoya, before returning home from there on a late morning service.

I’m stoked and can’t wait to breathe the air in Japan again.


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