Not worth a dance

The Louisiana seafood craze in Singapore has been going on the last two years but it is only today that I checked out what all the fuss is about.

I chose Dancing Crab – only because I needed to do some shopping at Centrepoint and the restaurant has an outlet across the road at Orchard Central.

Awesome Husband and I ordered the combo set #1 with Sri Lankan crab (S$88) with two sauces – Signature Spicy and Spicy Miso – as well as crab cakes (S$18.50) and cajun fries (S$7).

We chose to have all our orders dumped on the table and we dug in with our hands – the way Louisiana seafood is eaten in, erm, Louisiana according to Guy Fieri’s Diner, Drive-ins and Dives.


The seafood items – a crab and a bunch of clams and prawns – were sufficiently tender and juicy, a cut sausage added a savoury touch to the dish, and the corn, carrots and potatoes helped fill us up.

They were decent on their own, but the sauces added another dimension to the dish. The Signature Sauce came highly recommended but we found it too tangy for our liking and were won over by the Spicy Miso Butter instead.

The crab cakes were awesome and they rocked even more when drenched in Spicy Miso Butter.

Quite frankly, the Spicy Miso Butter could make almost everything tasty.

Almost everything, except the cajun fries which were too dry. We could have used that S$7 to on dessert.

Overall it was fun to eat with our hands (and with a flimsy plastic apron on!) and the Spicy Miso Butter made our taste buds dance, but this isn’t a meal that we will make the drive into town for.


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