Jolly good fella

Titus has yet to learn how to express himself with language but he has been more than capable of doing that with grins, chuckles and hearty laughter as well as grunt, shrieks and screams.

I’m just ever grateful that most times, Titus is a jolly good fellow who enjoys laughing at everything around him. In fact, we sometimes do not even know what we did right to set him off. šŸ˜Š

This weekend saw plenty of laughter and smiley faces from him.

He thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas lights along Orchard Road on Saturday, cheering and shrieking along with other excited kids.



And on Sunday, he had fun with us at the National Museum of Singapore, where we strolled through the Treasure of the World exhibition (for free because a museum staff was too kind and generous!). Awesome boy let us peruse the exhibits in silence while he played with his fingers, occasionally turning around (I put him in a front facing sling) to smile and babble at me.



As if being rewarded for hisĀ stellarĀ behaviour, we found a large circular platform covered in fake grass at the Singapore history gallery. This turned out to be his favourite part of the museum! We let him out of the sling and he lost no time crawling around, resting his face on the fake grass and laughing away.


I guess it is time to let him have a go on the real thing soon! ā¤


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