Play time

Today’s the third time we’ve taken Titus to Go-Go Bambini, an indoor playground up in Dempsey Hill.


He LOVES it! All the space for him to crawl about and roll around! And since everything is padded and netted up, we are able to let him go where ever he desires. Oh, such sweet freedom he must be feeling.

As parents we love Go-Go Bambini too, for its well placed cafe which allows one of us to eat while the other plays with baby, and for the two play areas demarcated for babies and toddlers. Play space for older kids are in a different section, which means your little tot won’t be trampled on by hyped up larger kids.

Awesome Husband and I like taking baby there on weekday mornings and afternoons, when most children are at home or in school. We get almost the entire venue to ourselves and can take Titus to the big kids zone and crawl around with him. That’s so much fun for us old kids too! 😄

We love Go-go Bambini so much that we’ve purchased the membership to get us discounted play rates. Woo hoo!


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