365th day of joy

Oh gosh has it been a year with Titus already? Time sure flies when you are having fun!


There were tough moments in the earlier months when he was a mere infant who needed me to carry him all day and night and to latch him on for hours on end.

But guess what? I cannot remember how exhausted I was nor exactly how painful my cracked nipples were. Mother Nature is awesome that way!

What I do remember are the warm fuzzy feelings I get when he first flipped from back to front on his own, when he first crawled without falling flat on his face, when he first laughed out loud as he rode on his daddy’s wobbly tummy, when he first leaned forward and gave me a wet smooch on my lips and the grinned in delight.

I’ve enjoyed every moment of motherhood and cannot wait to relish even more eye-opening experience with Titus.

Happy first birthday, my darling boy, my sweetheart, my source of immense joy. Thank you for showing me how much more love my heart could contain. ❤


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